Rooted in Mexico,
Connected to the World

Carlos Hank González, chairman of Grupo Financiero Banorte, is a global business leader and community advocate. He also leads the Banorte Foundation, which supports Mexican families with housing while advancing education, social participation and other causes with an international reach.

Banorte is widely recognized for its corporate governance, sustainability practices and social commitments. Carlos Hank González encourages a business approach that is centered in “assuming greater commitment to our people and to our communities.” That is especially needed now in a rapidly changing environment that demands personal connections in a digital world.

Carlos Hank González is also a leader who promotes teamwork. He believes that through collaboration, an institution can achieve major goals. Banorte has implemented a new way of work called “Banorte Cells,” an innovative system that connects multidisciplinary teams made up of experts in various processes, substantially accelerating execution.

From Banorte, a universal bank that provides an array of transformative products and services, to a public-spirited foundation that has promoted and nurtured community outreach, innovation and discovery across North America and beyond, Carlos Hank González has unshakeable confidence moving forward:

Even though there are challenges ahead, we have everything we need to seize the opportunities that present themselves.

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