Banorte Chairman Carlos Hank González is reaching for the clouds. The Google Cloud, that is. As part of a multi-year strategic alliance, Banorte is partnering with Google Cloud to advance the bank’s digital transformation and strengthen its commitment to resource security.

Through this strategic alliance with Google Cloud, Banorte will develop key initiatives, mainly hyper=personalization of Banorte’s offerings through artificial Intelligence, development of applications to innovate open banking, collaboration with Google’s expertise and cybersecurity.

“We are proud to provide our clients with leading technology that will enhance their experiences through new solutions,” Carlos Hank González said. “Google Cloud is the natural next step in our digital transformation progression.”

What does this strategic alliance between Banorte and Google Cloud mean? It will allow for collaborative work on different fronts, with these main pillars:

  • Modernization of Banorte’s technological environments, including applications, infrastructure and databases through the use of the Google cloud services. Gradual transition from the use of its own infrastructure to storage and processing spaces in the cloud to bring the cost efficiency, flexibility and scalability that Google offers to its entire operation.
  • Cybersecurity focused on threat detection. Processes aligned with Banorte’s commitment to the security of its clients’ information and resources.
  • Intensive use of data analysis solutions in conjunction with Artificial Intelligence. This combination will allow Banorte to better understand the needs of its customers to offer hyper-personalized experiences.
  • Development of applications for open banking and new digital services. With the cloud as a technological base, Banorte will gain more agility to be at the center of the banking and financial ecosystem, creating native digital experiences.
  • Transmission of knowledge and promotion of a culture of innovation. Collaboration between the two parties to provide training and permanent development to the financial group staff and promote innovative solutions focused on creating the best experiences for customers.


Carlos Hank González has long been a digital champion at Banorte. In 2018, Banorte became the only bank to offer credit line increases through digital banking. Now, more than 60% of all credit line changes are done digitally.

More recently, Banorte pioneered biometric identification for all of its 12 million customers, making it the first fully digital process for credit card origination via mobile banking.