Banorte says its year in the Google Cloud has paid off – and even more digital advances are on the horizon.

The bank’s partnership with the tech giant, announced in June 2021, has provided data-driven efficiencies, increased customer access to services and strengthened analytics capabilities, using Google Cloud’s fast, secure, global network.

“The agreement with Google has propelled Banorte toward a more technological and innovative future,” said Banorte Chairman Carlos Hank González. 

He said Google Cloud is moving the bank closer to artificial intelligence programs and additional user-centric platforms for more hyper-personalized experiences as Banorte deepens its understanding of customer needs.

“The customer is at the core of everything we do. That is why we are always working to better understand our customers, their needs and their unique circumstances. Hyper-personalization is the key to retain a competitive edge in this challenging industry,” he said.

Banorte recently featured the multi-year alliance with Google on the bank’s Norte Economico podcast, saying the collaboration is dedicated to enhancing technological environments, including applications, infrastructure and databases through the use of Google Cloud services. 

Gradual transition to storage and processing spaces in the cloud will bring cost efficiency, flexibility and scalability as well as maintain Banorte’s commitment to cybersecurity focused on threat detection and the security of its clients’ information and resources.

The podcast’s participants said the cloud not only allows Banorte to generate new business models but it also drives resiliency in financial markets ecosystem and new opportunities.

For example, they said, boosting technological to promote personalized services has resulted in Banorte features that it calls “a Bank in Minutes,” in which customers can do their banking quickly, easily and secure as always. 

That means Banorte can generate experiences in minutes, such as opening an account, in any of the physical or digital channels, as well as through the omnichannel experience.

As part of that, during the pandemic lockdowns, the Banorte mobile app was transformed into a more intuitive, fast and easy-to-use version in which customers can use it to acquire payroll loans, term promissory notes, insurance and other products.

Also, in 2018, Banorte became the only bank to offer credit line increases through digital banking. Now, more than 60% of all credit line changes are done digitally.