The social media platform that celebrates business connections has saluted Banorte for excelling in workplace talent.

The latest LinkedIn Talent Awards named Banorte as the “Best Employer Brand” on LinkedIn for companies in Mexico with more than 5,000 employees, a recognition of the bank’s efforts to adapt, motivate and move forward in the new world of work.

Considered the world’s largest professional networking platform, LinkedIn also cited Banorte’s focus on building a strong employer brand to engage with audiences in a meaningful way through the LinkedIn platform. 

“This award speaks to Banorte’s commitment to our company, our employees and our customers, and we very much believe that our workforce is a reflection of our company values and culture,” said Banorte Chairman Carlos Hank González.

“LinkedIn helps inform and recruit the diverse talent pool that helps advance Banorte’s goals of a digital transformation for sustainable banking,” he said. 

With the needs and goals of new talent having changed drastically over the last three years, Banorte has evolved to accommodate its workforce. It has used LinkedIn to demonstrate the institution’s brand values, mission and the innovative work from current employees to connect with future talent. 

Through its five demonstrated employee value propositions – feeling valued, sense of belonging, potential growth, greater purpose and work-life balance – Banorte has focused on building an ambitious employer branding strategy.

That approach is designed to draw attention to extraordinary talent to help advance Banorte’s goals of a digital transformation for sustainable banking, creating conditions that resonate not only with today’s work but also that of generations to come.

“To advance in a thriving global company, our people and our commitment to our customers and their needs will always be at the heart of everything we do,” Carlos Hank González said.

The LinkedIn Insights team selected finalists after examining billions of data points among all companies in participating countries with LinkedIn Talent Solutions, looking at factors like engagement, performance, results and impact.

The Talent Awards winners are those that have excelled throughout 2021 in engaging with talent, creating inclusive workplaces, building strong employer brands, encouraging learning and development, and focusing on employee retention. 

The award is the latest workplace honor for Banorte, which was named to the Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index (GEI) for a gender-related practices that help increase the quality of environmental, social and governance data to investors.

Banorte was one of one of 418 companies across 45 countries and regions named to the GEI, a modified market capitalization-weighted index that measures gender equality across five pillars: female leadership and talent pipeline; equal pay and gender pay parity; inclusive culture; anti-sexual harassment policies; and pro-women brand.

Banorte said that during the pandemic, its ESG strategy remained at the core of the bank’s operating model. A founding member of the UN’s Principles for Responsible Banking, it has for more than 10 years pioneered best practices on social and environmental risk management in credit portfolios within the Mexican banking industry.