For the second straight year, Banorte has won international honors for its outstanding banking and management services.

World Finance, a UK-based business magazine with a global, online readership, gave Banorte Best Retail Bank in Mexico and Best Corporate Governance awards – the only bank in Mexico to win in those categories.

The outlet said Banorte continues to lead the way in the “customer-first era” of retail banking.

“Not only does it focus on hyper-personalization and offer a superior digital experience, but it also maintains an inclusive strategy for those customers who still value the traditional banking model,” World Finance said.

Banorte also won both last year, cited for its superior response amid the pandemic that kept its customers safe, allowed operations to continue and boosted the economy.

 “We are proud to be recognized by the prestigious international publication World Finance. We will continue to work for Mexicans, to be the best in banking in the digital world, as well as the best in corporate governance,” said Banorte Chairman Carlos Hank González.

World Finance said the 2022 global winners are “working to a higher purpose and empowering their customers,” as well taking important action on sustainable finance initiatives to combat global crises in public health and climate change. 

In May, Banorte presented its first climate report, prioritizing the financial institution’s transition to cleaner technologies and business practices.

The report underscored Banorte’s efforts putting sustainability at the core of its business, aligned with recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures. That’s a market-led initiative that seeks to integrate nature into business decision-making and shift global financial flows toward nature-positive outcomes.

World Finance said “the uncertainty and disruption caused by the pandemic has played havoc with the governance processes” but corporate governance award recipients like Banorte have “become masters of best practice, leading them to stellar business performance in a difficult economic climate.’

Banorte said said corporate governance is a key operating principle and the bank continues to exceed regulatory requirements in that area. It said the award also stemmed from its commitment to shareholders, prudent risk profile and a strong preference for the independence of its Board of Directors. 

World Finance said banks are awarded in different categories depending on their specialty, such as private, commercial and retail banking. The winners named in the magazine’s listing have all proven themselves to be among the most innovative players in their industry.

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