Industries worldwide have been buffeted by inclusive digital transformations. Banking is no exception.

Music has transformed from listeners shuffling through radio stations to choosing virtually unlimited song lists on their mobile phones. Transportation has advanced from passengers yelling for a cab to scheduling rideshares online. Shoppers have dropped making long trips to the mall to receiving one-day, at-home deliveries. Television rabbit ears have been replaced by on-demand entertainment.

In the same fashion, banking has moved from long waits for tellers, cash and check transactions and paper statements. Now, it’s a 100% digital experience, personalized for every customer with fast, accessible and safe services within arm’s reach.

At the forefront of this transformation is Banorte, embracing its vision to be the No. 1 financial group offering banking services in a digital world by 2023.

“We want to offer a customer experience like no other, an individualized bank service that knows what you need before you do,” Banorte Chairman Carlos Hank González said.

“A 100% digital banking experience – agile, intuitive, and secure … that customers can access where they want, when they want, how they want. And, most important, a bank that allows us to reach remote regions and financially include people who were previously unreachable,” he said.

That vision is closer than ever to becoming a reality as Carlos Hank González continues to promote digital transformation like never before, sending Banorte on a path to create the best banking experience for all.
Banorte CEO Marcos Ramírez Miguel agreed.

“One of many opportunities that Banorte found during the COVID-19 crisis was taking advantage of digital acceleration, and this is what distinguishes us,” he said. “While many saw challenges, we saw an opportunity to offer our clients a better experience, keeping them and their finances safe during turbulent times.”

Although the opportunities are endless, the primary focus is to improve Banorte’s client experiences through digital technology, and this will only be possible if this technology serves to the client experience team.
Banorte is always working to better understand their customers, their needs, and their unique circumstances.

“We know that each individual is different, thus we strive to offer a highly personalized banking experience to each of our customers” Carlos Hank González said.

The human touch will always be needed to boost digital innovations, every customer interaction that happens at Banorte’s more than 1,100 branches, provides valuable real-time data on customers individual banking habits and lifestyles.

In the near future, that data will be analyzed with artificial intelligence, which will help Banorte to create a profile of each of its customers and offer them products and services in return, while simultaneously improving their branch efficiency on sales and cost savings.

Recently, Banorte’s digital innovation has led to the introduction of new chip-debit cards with contactless payment and invisible security elements.

It also announced an alliance with Google Cloud and hyper-personalized services, expansion of Apple Pay across Mexico, artificial intelligence with IBM and other advances.

At the end of 2021, Banorte had 6 million digital customers and had increased its transaction over 92% through its mobile app vs 2020.