Grupo Financiero Banorte (GFNorte), led by Carlos Hank González signed the CONDUSEF Protocol for the Care and Service of Older Adults, which commits the institution to continue strengthening its actions and service programs for this important segment of the population.

Banorte was honored by the CONDUSEF, who awarded the company with the “Commitment of Service to Senior Citizens” badge for its actions focused on developing solutions for and facilitating financial services to this population.

The signing took place at the Grupo Financiero Banorte facilities, in the presence of Óscar Rosado Jiménez, President of CONDUSEF; Elizabeth Ivonne Noriega Aguilar, Legal Vice President of CONDUSEF; Javier Beltrán, General Director of Administration; Mario Barraza, General Director of Commercial Banking; Jorge Vega Camargo, Deputy General Director of Comptroller, and Claudia Ignacio, Deputy General Director of Customer Experience and Innovation of Grupo Financiero Banorte.

Carlos Hank González, Chairman of the Board of Grupo Financiero Banorte noted: “I am grateful for the recognition that CONDUSEF has granted us; it inspires us to reinforce our actions at Banorte and to maintain the highest standards in offering dignified, inclusive, and empathetic service to older adults. We are committed to continue providing the elderly with the best service. We are committed to being their ally and to making it easier for them to use our financial services”.

Marcos Ramírez, CEO of Grupo Financiero Banorte, added: “At Banorte, we listen, address, and adapt our services to serve all of our customers. In each of our users, we find the inspiration to be the best financial group in Mexico.”

According to INEGI, Mexico’s population includes over 18 million individuals aged 60 and above. Many of them continue to be economically active, so it is essential to provide financial services and products that meet their needs. At Banorte, senior citizens represent approximately 20% of the client portfolio.

The Protocol for the Care and Service of Older Adults, at Banorte is based on the following 10 principles issued by CONDUSEF:

  • Dignified treatment, with full respect for free will and personal integrity.
  • Equal attention and freedom from discrimination
  • Preferential attention and prioritization
  • Due access to care facilities
  • Specific assistance and accompaniment
  • Implementation of simplified procedures
  • Adequate financial education
  • Financial inclusion
  • Legal certainty
  • Personal data protection

These principles are reflected in specific actions that Banorte has applied in recent years and that have been reinforced with the help of digital capabilities. For example, remote authentication, a form of document validation and facial biometrics for mobile banking and digital devices that Banorte executives use to provide faster service, can be made available at the home of elderly clients who require it.

Other actions that demonstrate Banorte’s commitment to its elderly clients include the continuous improvement of ATMs so that older adults can easily read and understand the screens, and the use of the Lazarillo App, which allows people with visual disabilities to receive information on the geolocation of branches, correspondents, and ATMs.

At GFNorte we listen, adjust, and tailor our services and products to cater to the needs of all of our clients. Our users inspire us to be the best financial group in Mexico.