Blind and visually impaired customers at Banorte can now gain access to banking services, thanks to an accessibility mobile app. 

Banorte is partnering with Lazarillo, the company that created LazarilloApp, a digital platform that provides mobility tools for visually impaired and blind individuals. The strategic alliance was launched to promote financial inclusion during the International Day of Persons with Disabilities on December of 2022.

Through this initiative, Banorte has become the first bank in Mexico to offer a digital accessibility alternative through a specialized platform to blind and visually impaired customers, such as Lazarillo. The app provides users with:

  • Access to news, services and promotions
  • Locations of Banorte branches and ATMs
  • Functions to schedule appointments at their nearest Banorte branch.

As part of Banorte’s hyper-personalized approach to customer service, users also can create their own profile populated with personal information. 

“At Banorte, our goal is always to put our community first. Financial inclusion is the key to making that goal a reality.” said Banorte Chairman Carlos Hank González. “In offering a personalized solution for our visually impaired customers, we hope to maximize their experience and deliver industry-leading accessibility to products and services.” 

LazarilloApp is a free tool used by blind and visually impaired people directly from their smartphones, aiding users to move around cities autonomously and access essential information on news and benefits. 

The platform mimics the function of a GPS, yet takes the process a step further by allowing users to navigate indoor spaces through the utilization of various Bluetooth positioning guide points within buildings and establishments. Users also can access talkback and voiceover options catered to their preferred communication method.

According to media reports, Lazarillo CEO and founder René Espinoza developed the idea with a blind friend, Miguel Gonzalez, while in Santiago, Chile. The name derives from the title of the Spanish book “Lazarillo de Tormes,” which tells the story of blind man who was guided by a child.

Customers can download LazarilloApp directly from the AppStore for iOS devices, Play Store for the Android devices, and the App Gallery for Huawei devices. 

This alliance with LazarilloApp is one of many recent initiatives the Carlos Hank González has pioneered as a champion in digital innovation to promote financial inclusion.

In November 2022, Banorte launched a service in partnership with WhatsApp, allowing customers to schedule appointments and in-branch services directly from their mobile device.

Earlier last year, Banorte joined a United Nations’ program to provide access to digital banking services and accounts to refugees in Mexico, opening doors for increased employment opportunities as participants seek to begin a new life.