Banorte’s award-winning virtual banking assistant, Maya, is now available on Banorte’s mobile banking application, Banorte Móvil. 

Maya’s jump to Banorte Móvil means she can now conveniently help customers using their mobile devices from anywhere. That’s in addition to her being on the Banorte website.

Launched in 2018, Maya is the first virtual assistant in Mexico capable of making monetary transactions via chat. 

She was designed to optimize customer experiences by offering remote access to bank accounts and the ability to make transactions remotely – a feature that has been most useful amid the COVID-19 pandemic. 

For years, Banorte Chairman Carlos Hank González has driven digital innovation through Banorte’s operations while delivering industry-leading service to customers.

“As we continue to evolve in a digital world, it’s important that we focus on the needs of our customers,” said Carlos Hank González. “Maya has been an incredibly effective component of our customer service practices, and we’re excited to take the initiative to the next level by going mobile.” 

Today, Maya is the most advanced multi-channel virtual assistant in the market, capable of performing 17 monetary operations, including transfers, tax and service payments, clarifications, card blocking and unblocking and more. 

Customers can interact with Maya using chat. Additionally, by leveraging artificial intelligence capabilities, Maya continues to improve her conversational skills and responsiveness as she communicates with users. 

Earlier this year, Maya was recognized as one of the best global banking innovations in the 2021 Analytics and Artificial Intelligence category by the European Finance Management Association (EFMA) and Accenture. That recognition exemplifies Banorte’s deep understanding of the market and commitment toward providing dynamic solutions. 

Maya’s expansion is one of many initiatives aimed at maintaining the highest quality of digital services available to Banorte customers. It is the latest addition a string of technological developments Banorte has spearheaded to achieve its Vision 123, a tech-embedded goal to lead the financial and banking group in a digital world.