Banorte has teamed up with Visa to provide a practical, secure and contactless debit card, keeping the bank’s customers and their money safe.

The Banorte-branded card – which uses Visa’s advanced technology – can be used throughout Mexico to make contactless payments through its chip system.

The latest version is one of the most convenient on the market, available for purchase in stores and pharmacies to replace or renew without having to go to a bank branch.

Also, its invisible features, which omit the security codes and expiration dates, add a layer of protection against theft, fraud and loss.

This announcement marks Banorte’s latest innovation in the digital banking space, fulfilling its commitment to providing the best banking services for all its customers.

“At Banorte, we aspire to be digital innovators in all that we do,” said Banorte Chairman Carlos Hank González. “We are glad to have partners like Visa join in on our mission and give our customers the best services available, while we lead the industry into a new era of digital transformation.”

Luz Adriana Ramírez, general director of Visa Mexico, said the card gives Banorte customers with VISA cards the power of immediacy, the result of a collaborative innovation with the bank to create the next generation of experiences for users.

The alliance “revolutionizes and improves the experience of consumers who today demand faster, more practical and more efficient payment solutions and technologies,” he said in a company news release.

Being able to make purchases through contactless systems also provides a measure of protection amid the pandemic.

In line with Banorte’s recent expansion of Apple Pay, the new digital debit card can also be linked to digital wallets for the added benefit of mobile banking anytime and anywhere, in addition to in person and web purchases.

Plus, all transactions can be linked to a Banorte savings or checking account and monitored through the Banorte Móvil app or through the online portal.

Convenience remains a priority and Banorte has made it easy for cardholders to get the new card, available at local stores in Mexico such as 7-Eleven stores and Farmacias del Ahorro outlets throughout the country, as well as a Banorte branch office.